For long holiday tourism has been in the grip of economic thinking and sociological research. On this webpage a more balanced view is maintained on the focal centre of tourists' activities: tourists themselves and their encounter with their holiday destination. Tourists take what is given to them and then turn it into their own ends; it is these ends what is of our primary interest and more than 25 articles on this site are about just that: the tourists' tourism.

Under the heading "Tourism" a new article has been added on Climate Change (July, 2020)

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Topic: Sustainability and Tourism

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The Background of Sustainable Tourist Experiences

The Background of Sustainable Tourist Experiences


The relationship between sustainable development and tourism is the subject of this article. We shall first have a look at the backgrounds and the reasons behind the concept of sustainability. The debate on sustainable development started because many things in the world were going terribly wrong: diminishing biodiversity, a thinning ozone layer, noticeable greenhouse effects, discrimination against large populations. Eventually there were so many symptoms it appeared to be a serious disease. The principles of sustainability were originally developed as a response to these problems. In order to examine how deeply rooted these destructive elements are in our Western societies and why there is a need to take a look at our environment with different eyes, we shall put things in a historical perspective and give a brief overview of the development of the relationship between people and their environment.

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  1. Buen día,

    Soy estudiante de Especialidad de Gestión Ambiental, en Facultad de Ciencias Marinas de Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, México. El tema de mi trabajo terminal tiene que ver con el turismo sustentable. Quiero pedir su autorización para citar sus artículos.


    Lorena PR

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