NOTE that the article on Tourists' Profiles has been completely revised in January 2017, including some socio-psychological approaches and additionally presenting a theoretical model. NOTE that the article on the Concepts of Sustainability has recently been updated, including COP 21 and the UN Sustainable Development goals of 2015.

Sustainable Development

The relationship between sustainable development and tourism is the subject of this article. We shall first have a look at the backgrounds and the reasons behind the concept of sustainability. The debate on sustainable development started because many things in the world were going terribly wrong: diminishing biodiversity, a thinning ozone layer, noticeable greenhouse effects, discrimination against large populations. Eventually there were so many symptoms it appeared to be a serious disease. The principles of sustainability were originally developed as a response to these problems. In order to examine how deeply rooted these destructive elements are in our Western societies and why there is a need to take a look at our environment with different eyes, we shall put things in a historical perspective and give a brief overview of the development of the relationship between people and their environment.