For long holiday tourism has been in the grip of economic thinking and sociological research. On this webpage a more balanced view is maintained on the focal centre of tourists' activities: tourists themselves and their encounter with their holiday destination. Tourists take what is given to them and then turn it into their own ends; it is these ends what is of our primary interest and more than 25 articles on this site are about just that: the tourists' tourism.

Under the heading "Tourism" a new article has been added on Climate Change (July, 2020)

and also under the heading "Tourism" I have added a new article about Phenomenology and Tourism (Feb. 2020).


First of all my thanks to my dear wife Pilar Avila Guitart and for all the support I could receive from her part.

Many people have contributed to this webpage to greater or lesser extent and have also provided material for the articles themselves. I thank them from my heart.
Particularly I would like to mention Lucinda K. Taft for having revised most of the material in English and for the Spanish version Axel Nofal Tassara, who also translated a great part of the texts.

I would like to thank all tour leaders who have worked for Ecole Travel and whose comments and observations have been of great value for the development of these articles.

Finally my thanks to the staff of Orbelink – Costa Rica for the development of this website.

San Jose, 2010