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Topic: New Age tourism

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As part of my studies in the field of the reflexive approach to tourism, in this article I shall give some interpretations of New Age tourism and related tourism activities such as wellness tourism and I shall also show how these phenomena give us an indication of tourism developments to come.

5 Responses to “NEW AGE TOURISM”

  1. Marinus, it’s amazing how well you read why the new age market, the reason of New Age tourism’s existence and the marketing needs. We can only hope that those who take decisions on how to spend Costa Rica’s ICT marketing budget read up on your well explained issues. Thank you for sending me your article, I thought it was definitely an interesting read and we might be able to apply some of it to the marketing of our niche, Costa Rica real estate. As opposed to the average tourist and real estate buyer, the New Age client is definitely more motivated in today’s market to enjoy beautiful Costa Rica, which might soon become the next place for those looking to enjoy nature and retire in a nicer and cleaner environment. Costa Rica definitely has the potential to do so. Thank you!

    Ivo Henfling
    GoDutch Realty
    Costa Rica

    • Hi Ivo,
      Thanks for your comments – I shall pass it on to the ICT by next week, when I have finished the Spanish version.
      Let us keep in touch,

  2. As you know I am employed by the indigenous people of Scandinavia – the Sámi – to develop Sámi tourism. We started our work by investigating what the Sámi stand for, want to be known for and what they want to do with tourism. Your article well reflects also the debate in Sámi tourism today. Ancient beliefs and cultural heritage is something generations of Sámi have been forced to abandon (but they kept it alive under cover!) and a new spiritual and ethnic awakening can be said to take place. To develop tourism in these times is tricky and I can see how New Age tourism could really clash with Sámi life as well as being the key to a respectful meeting visitor and host. Follow this link and you can see how we have tried to state how Sámi want tourism to be developed:

    • Hi Dan,
      Thanks for your reply. The Sapmi project is a really impressive one and at the same time quite a challenge. Privately I shall comment on some interesting details . Regards – Marinus

  3. Dear Marinus,
    Thanks for calling my attention to this article. I am not a trained tourism expert. My experience about the tourism is twofold: behaving like a tourist and trying to attract the attention of people to Europe’s wilderness.
    My experience however confirms what you wrote regarding authenticity. I shall say that experiencing wilderness is something which might become a more popular way of relaxing. It helps to recharge your battery, being away from your traditional life.
    However I also wonder whether the need for authenticity is different for people living in urban and in rural areas. Wilderness sometimes is what surrounds you for a rural resident.
    So you might want to write a next piece about how the different cultural and living background of people affects their behavour and interest as tourist.
    We will certainly be in touch in the future.
    BR, Zoltan

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